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Microsoft company Technological Assistance provides fast and quality support going above objectives for Home and Small Business 24/7 at our toll-free no Microsoft Account Technical Support. Our Microsoft company Qualified Specialists will give you alternatives to the problems like Microsoft company Technological help, ‘Microsoft office’ help, Microsoft company on the internet help, Microsoft company help range, Microsoft company help table, ‘Microsoft office’ help range, Microsoft company help phone, Microsoft company technical help and tips to keep your techniques up and operating. Account Microsoft company Technological support team gives you best service applications.

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Microsoft Account Technical Support | How do I replace my security info?How do I replace my security info?

  1. Go to your Security Setting, It will ask you to log in with your Account.
  2. If there you are getting asked to enter the security code to process, and you can not get that code, then choose the option that I don’t have any of these or I can’t verify my account in the drop down. then you will have to follow the steps according to steps to reset your security information.
  3. In the page of Security setting, under Security info helps keep your account secure there is your security information are available. You have to choose to Remove option for any you want to remove. you will get prompted to add a new security information before you can remove the previous information.

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If you remove all the security information, then there is the waiting period of 30 days we are able to protect the sensitive parts of your account so that any security settings can change or the payment option can be used. During this period, you can still use your email, Skype, Android devices as usual. After 30 days, you will be informed that the wait was over and it was time to introduce new security information.

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