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How to create Microsoft Account sign up for New Microsoft Account?

In this article, we are explaining how to Microsoft Account Sign up in Windows 8. In the beta version of Windows 8, the user can access the Windows Store if the user has a Microsoft Account. Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Windows 8 has additional features and new applications. With the help of a Microsoft account, you can download applications from the Windows Store and you will be allowed access to Sky Drive.

Sign up for Microsoft Account in Windows 10 in Georgia USA

A local account is a username and password combination that you have used to log into any of the legacy Windows operating systems. It grants you access to the system’s resources and allows you to customize it with your own settings and preferences. A local user account in Windows 10 will allow you to install apps, personalize settings and use the operating system the old-fashioned way.

Microsoft Account Sign up new account

Of course, local accounts can be created for a single system, so if you have multiple devices, you will need to use a different account for each one of them. Also, even if it is not necessarily recommended, this type of account allows you to remove password protection if you don’t want it. You can access Store but, unfortunately, you cannot download and install apps without a Microsoft account. Lastly, your settings will not be synchronized across all of the devices you normally use.

Create your Microsoft Account

The big difference from a local account is that you use an email address instead of a username to log into the operating system. This means that you can use either a Microsoft bound email address (, or or Yahoo!, Gmail and even an ISP specific email address to create your Microsoft account. Unfortunately, this type of sign in the process means that you cannot remove.

If that is what you want, the password protection. You can only also; a Microsoft account allows you to have a two-step verification system of your identity each time you sign in. This requires you to enter a security code each time you sign into a device that is not on your trusted list.

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