Change Microsoft Account Windows Phone Number

How to Change Microsoft Account Windows Phone?


Modify Microsoft company Consideration Login name and assistance variety. If you own a Microsoft windows Cell phone, it is likely that you have used your Microsoft company account qualifications to set up your system. However, there may be instances when you want to modify the account you use on the telephone. This can occur if you have more than one Microsoft company account and want to use the other account, or you want to use the account that is synced with your Console Stay solutions or you may have transferred to another nation and therefore want to modify it. If you are using a previous edition of Microsoft Windows, you can improve your Microsoft company account only by doing manufacturer totally reset. This indicates your records and configurations together with songs, video clips, images, applications, activities, and records will be removed.

Sign in to

Click on Security

Click on Update your security info

Click on Add security info

Add the new number and remove the old

Account Microsoft company help, Therefore, you need in order to backup or shift all your phone material to your PC to avoid information reduction. One Generate is an organic option but go with the things that work best for you. The next factor to do is to figure out all the applications that you have on your system. You may want to use them again with your new account, so observing them down will help you identify them on the windows Shop when you are prepared to set up them again on the new account.

Another factor value keeping in mind is that if you have bought electronic things that use Digital Privileges Control (DRM), you won’t be able to use them on the new account. You only need to have to buy them again. That goes for any applications or activities you bought on the Microsoft windows Shop as well. Lastly, if you are modifying your Microsoft company account ensure that to use the account associated with your Console player tag or you might end up experiencing a whole lot of issues. Now that you know what to anticipate when you improve your Microsoft company account on your Microsoft windows phone here’s how, to begin with.

Your Microsoft windows phone will now reboot and you’ll see the Welcome display. Adhere to the measures in the Welcome expert to set up your Microsoft windows Cell phone (like you did the first time) with your new Microsoft company account. After you have set up your new account, you can set up the applications you used on your old account and add back again your backup information files.

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