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How to change my Microsoft account username?

When you can choose to an indication in with any e-mail consideration you currently use. We recommend using a message consideration that you observe frequently. You’ll need access to this current e-mail deal with to indication into your Xbox console. Basically, type the current e-mail deal with in the field and we’ll walk you through the rest. If you use a non-Microsoft current e-mail deal with to develop your money, we will send an approval e-mail to that deal with to confirm that you have accessibility. Basically, find the e-mail and do as instructed to complete approval.

To change the Microsoft user account’s login ID, you need to change the Microsoft account to Local account, then local account back to Microsoft account, these changes allow you to change the Microsoft user account’s login ID.


Step 1:

Switch to a “Local Account” , refer to these steps.

a. Press “Windows key +W”.

b. Type “users” without quotes in the search box.

c. Then select “Users” from the left panel.

d. You will get an option “Switch to a Local account” right below your user account name.

e. Select “Switch to a local account” option.

f. Enter the required details.

g. Then login to the local account,


Step 2:

To change a Local Account to Microsoft Account, I would suggest you to try these steps.

a. From the Settings charm, tap or click Change PC settings.

b. In the left pane, tap or click Users.

c. Tap or click Switch to a Microsoft account and follow the instructions.

If you don’t currently have e-mail addresses you can use, or if you’re setting up a consideration for a child who does not yet have a message consideration, you can opt to develop a new current e-mail deal with during register.

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